Sunday, December 31, 2017

Why You SHOULD Approach Women Wearing Headphones--PLUS:The Truth About Platonic Friendships!

A very popular question I get is whether it is a "good move" or not to approach women who are wearing headphones. In today's new video, I explain why you SHOULD approach women wearing headphones. 

ALSO today, in ANOTHER new video, I explain the TRUTH regarding so called "platonic" friendships between men and women, and this video is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT as well, ESPECIALLY if you are looking for a real quality woman for a long-term relationship-including if you are looking for a woman who is "the one". 

Let's actually do this FIRST, and save the "fun stuff" for second.

And now for the NEXT topic that I really wanted to CLEAR UP for any guy that is still not sure about it-how you absolutely SHOULD approach women who are wearing headphones. 

Many men think that a woman wearing headphones is an automatic "NO-GO ZONE", and that women are wearing headphones in order to STOP GUYS from approaching them, and that women are trying to say that "they want to be in their own space" by wearing the headphones.

After watching the video, you now know why you absolutely SHOULD approach these women, and one of those reasons actually has to do with using this BARRIER mechanism that women put up as a STRATEGY THAT WORKS IN YOUR FAVOR!

How do I know all this stuff? Simple: I don't just do this for myself, which would be pretty cool even if it were just me doing it for myself. The fact is, I've also been proving this in BOOTCAMP for over FIFTEEN YEARS.  

Men from around the world have LEARNED in PERSON from me the truth about how to go right up to women, including women with headphones on and all sorts of other situations, and attract them RIGHT THEN AND THERE. FIFTEEN YEARS of proving this works UNIVERSALLY for men who have learned from me, and FIFTEEN YEARS of me also performing live DEMONSTRATIONS in bootcamp as well!
And don't forget that I also focus on SCREENING women as well, so this is not about approaching drunk or promiscuous women, but rather about truly connecting with and attracting the very best women for a real relationship.

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Michael Marks

Saturday, November 25, 2017

When "Chasing A Woman" Is Building Trust

A lot of men are under the impression that if they are putting in more "effort" into the initial part of attracting women than the women are putting into attracting the men, that this is somehow a form of supplication, some form of being a "beta male" that is actually going to drive away a woman. 

Nothing could be further from the truth, and this is especially the case with women who are the "total package" beautiful inside and out, and who are looking to truly commit to one man for a serious relationship and possibly even marriage. 

If a woman is considering getting into a serious relationship with you, she, just like yourself, is putting a lot on the line, and she is risking getting emotionally hurt, tricked, etc. She has no idea if you are just another player who only wants to have sex, or if you are tricking her in some other way.

The fact of the matter is that an attractive woman is going to have a lot of men approaching her in some way or other all the time. So this means that just because you approached her, you can't expect that to be enough. 

She has no idea who you really are, especially if you only spent 5 minutes with her in the initial approach or the initial "pick-up". You may have done a great job in those 5 minutes, and she might really have, in the moment, loved what she was feeling with you, but it's not enough. 

She needs to feel more trust and connection in order to take things to the next level with you. This means you can't get deterred or lose motivation when in the INITIAL stages of the "courtship" she may raise obstacles in your path to being with her. Your ability to navigate through them smoothly, calmly, and confidently tells her ALL THE RIGHT THINGS about you, and allows her to feel the TRUST she needs to release her sexual side with you.

In today's video above, I explain all this and why getting a great woman for a relationship is so different than the typical PUA fare that is all about how fast they can get promiscuous women into bed.

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Michael Marks

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Truth About Attracting Women Vs. "Popular" Advice

This is just a very short newsletter today, but it’s

When it comes to learning how to attract women,
what is POPULAR is usually NOT what WORKS.

And trust me, I’ve taken the BRUISES for
sticking to what actually WORKS, in terms
of the financial gains I could have made from
screwing with people by saying the kinds of
things they WANT to hear rather than what

Let me give you an example: The ever
POPULAR concept among so many dating
so called ‘experts’ that you should NEVER
do ANY kind of CHASING after a woman.

This concept has been HORRIBLY ABUSED
and has led to ENDLESS failures for millions
of men around the world.

This is because INITIALLY, you MUST put in
MORE effort into her NOTICING YOU and
getting to make sure she KNOW YOU than SHE
does into the process.

After a while, this STOPS and SHE will chase you
too, but in the beginning, in a world of millions
of other men, there is NO OTHER CHOICE
but for you to STAND OUT from all those other
guys who DON’T put the effort in.

This means you CAN’T EXPECT the woman to
APPROACH YOU. You have to approach HER.

And in the approach, YOU will have to get the
ball ROLLING and convey PERSONALITY so that
she can DISTINGUISH you from the millions of
other men out there.

Remember that women have WAY MORE TO LOSE
from being with the wrong guy. This goes back to
evolution and the fact SHE is the one who must carry
a baby for nine months, and SHE is the one who will
be VULNERABLE for years as a result.

This is all VERY DIFFERENT than just going for a
promiscuous woman. For a promiscuous woman,
she might not care about how much YOU are
invested in HER. 

But if you are looking for a woman who will make for
a great girlfriend and possibly WIFE, you MUST
realize this fact.

Now, I originally made a video on this topic
MONTHS AGO, and the ORIGINAL response was kind of

But it seems that TRUTH has a way of RISING to the
surface, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

And it seems people are starting to REALIZE just
how IMPORTANT that advice that I gave IS.

You can check it out and the comments and replies

And guess what? This is just ONE of the THOUSANDS
of things that I teach that are DIFFERENT from all the
other so called “experts” out there who really don’t know
what they are talking about, or at the very least their tactics
are ONLY for getting the WORST KINDS OF WOMEN for
actual relationships. 

If you want a great woman who is going to INVEST
herself emotionally, physically, and mentally in you,
then you need to make it clear that YOU are the right
man for her to do it-and you must do this in a way that

If you want success with women, and you want it FAST,
doesn’t it make sense to go to the man who really KNOWS
what he is talking about? And who has proven his legitimacy
and credibility for over fifteen YEARS?

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