Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Truth About Attracting Women Vs. "Popular" Advice

This is just a very short newsletter today, but it’s

When it comes to learning how to attract women,
what is POPULAR is usually NOT what WORKS.

And trust me, I’ve taken the BRUISES for
sticking to what actually WORKS, in terms
of the financial gains I could have made from
screwing with people by saying the kinds of
things they WANT to hear rather than what

Let me give you an example: The ever
POPULAR concept among so many dating
so called ‘experts’ that you should NEVER
do ANY kind of CHASING after a woman.

This concept has been HORRIBLY ABUSED
and has led to ENDLESS failures for millions
of men around the world.

This is because INITIALLY, you MUST put in
MORE effort into her NOTICING YOU and
getting to make sure she KNOW YOU than SHE
does into the process.

After a while, this STOPS and SHE will chase you
too, but in the beginning, in a world of millions
of other men, there is NO OTHER CHOICE
but for you to STAND OUT from all those other
guys who DON’T put the effort in.

This means you CAN’T EXPECT the woman to
APPROACH YOU. You have to approach HER.

And in the approach, YOU will have to get the
ball ROLLING and convey PERSONALITY so that
she can DISTINGUISH you from the millions of
other men out there.

Remember that women have WAY MORE TO LOSE
from being with the wrong guy. This goes back to
evolution and the fact SHE is the one who must carry
a baby for nine months, and SHE is the one who will
be VULNERABLE for years as a result.

This is all VERY DIFFERENT than just going for a
promiscuous woman. For a promiscuous woman,
she might not care about how much YOU are
invested in HER. 

But if you are looking for a woman who will make for
a great girlfriend and possibly WIFE, you MUST
realize this fact.

Now, I originally made a video on this topic
MONTHS AGO, and the ORIGINAL response was kind of

But it seems that TRUTH has a way of RISING to the
surface, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

And it seems people are starting to REALIZE just
how IMPORTANT that advice that I gave IS.

You can check it out and the comments and replies

And guess what? This is just ONE of the THOUSANDS
of things that I teach that are DIFFERENT from all the
other so called “experts” out there who really don’t know
what they are talking about, or at the very least their tactics
are ONLY for getting the WORST KINDS OF WOMEN for
actual relationships. 

If you want a great woman who is going to INVEST
herself emotionally, physically, and mentally in you,
then you need to make it clear that YOU are the right
man for her to do it-and you must do this in a way that

If you want success with women, and you want it FAST,
doesn’t it make sense to go to the man who really KNOWS
what he is talking about? And who has proven his legitimacy
and credibility for over fifteen YEARS?

The FASTEST way to learn from me is by taking my BOOTCAMP.

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Till next time

Monday, October 30, 2017

What People Don't Understand About Pick-Up And Attracting Women

As I write this, I am listening to the track Now We Are Free from the Gladiator soundtrack, which you can hear right here:

There are several reasons I mention this:

First of all, Gladiator is an awesome movie, period. It's a great man's movie, and a great movie that women love as well.  At the heart of the story is something simple, and pure- a man fights for something that gives him MEANING-something he believes in. He believes in  what Rome can stand for, which is for freedom, democracy, and human progress, and he is driven by love for his family-his murdered beloved wife and beloved child.  And he also lives to seek justice for what was done to him.

At the heart of a great human interaction, and by extension a great pick-up, and at the heart of attraction, is something much more than just technical moves. It is SOUL.  Something that transcends the mundane, something that lifts your spirit, and through you lifts HER spirit as well.

We all want to find MEANING in life, something that gives us a REASON to feel INSPIRED for what we do. 

And meaning always gets back to using our strengths to HELP others. To make a DIFFERENCE.

And in a pick-up, showing a woman how SHE is making or can make that difference to others elevates HER soul, and so this is a huge part of making your pick-up go so much easier, and helps you bridge the gap between being stranger to being the man she wants to get to know more. I've already made a video on this, so I won't go into it all again here.

Gladiator also shows a man in a time when there was no such thing as political correctness, and when men were masculine and women were feminine. This is also part of why men and women love this movie as well-we respond INSTINCTIVELY to the opposite gender when they BEHAVE consistently with their natural biology instead of trying to strip it away or repress it. 

And yet today we are living in a time when men and women are truly being INDOCTRINATED and BRAINWASHED to believe in LIES about men and women-lies that attack the very CORE of what it even MEANS to BE a man and what it means to BE a woman-and I mean this even right down to the DNA core of our genders! It is HORRIFYING to see the LIES being spread like wildfire about the TRUTH regarding men and women.

These lies go against everything that is natural, and the worst evil of all is that this indoctrination is coming from sources and people that are SUPPOSED to be RESPONSIBLE AND TRUSTED AUTHORITIES. 

Did you know that the entire FIELD of WOMEN'S STUDIES that is taught across CONTINENTS is absolutely based on ZERO EVIDENCE and was actually designed simply as a response by universities to a PUBLIC RELATIONS nightmare in the 60s when the women's movement was starting out and they were all upset that there weren't enough FEMALE PROFESSORS? 

Yes, it's TRUE. So they created this thing called WOMEN'S STUDIES out of THIN AIR, and didn't even TOUCH on the subject of BIOLOGY even though they were supposed to be specializing on something that is all about GENDER!!!!


Even though for THOUSANDS of years, men sacrificed themselves for women, harnessed the power of electricity, developed systems for clean water, central heating, global transportation and communication, medical advances that prolonged life, and also created laws PROTECTING WOMEN and punishing men who dared to assault women, and DIED in the wars protecting the freedom of women and men, and CONTINUE to do all the most DANGEROUS jobs on earth that KEEP our entire INFRASTRUCTURE going, and on and on and ON!

But instead of teaching the TRUTH about women in a field called "Women's Studies" they just teach HATRED of men and they distort FREEDOM for women as meaning doing everything possible to DESTROY traditional values that have stood the test of time and that create HARMONY between men and women by RESPECTING the differences between men and women sexually, psychologically, and physically.  

I could create an entire VOLUME of books JUST on the topic of all the WISDOM that tradition has created that brilliantly solve just about all the issues that are creating problems today when it comes to families and relationships between men and women, but those traditional values are being DESTROYED by most feminists and things like "Women's Studies" that do NOT teach the truth about women (or men) at all.

But it has been MY personal passion to STUDY attraction, pick-up, relationships, and human psychology, and put it all to PRACTICAL USE IN REAL-LIFE for MANKIND, in a way that NO HUMAN EVER HAS DONE.  And to reveal the TRUTH ABOUT all this, for the sake of HUMANITY and for the sake of HARMONY between MAN and WOMAN.

I truly cover the entire GAMUT from FIRST SEEING a woman, to the PICK-UP, to the RELATIONSHIP.  All these things are SEPARATE topics. There is some overlap of course between the topics because they are all based on CONSISTENT TRUTHS, but they are SEPARATE TOPICS. 

If you want to MASTER the skill of PICK-UP, then BOOTCAMP with me is the ULTIMATE step for you.  

Listen, I know that TIME is precious, even more precious than MONEY. And yet I also know that money is precious is too.

And at the same time, I also know that if you TRULY BELIEVED that I could TEACH YOU THE SKILLS to attract the kind of woman you want, and that I could teach this all to you in just ONE WEEKEND, you ABSOLUTELY WOULD SIGN UP RIGHT NOW. 

This is because the right woman in your life gives you a FEELING like NOTHING ELSE. It gives you the ENERGY, the JOY, the ZEST for life that makes EVERYTHING better.

And do you want to know something? Twenty years ago, I MYSELF would not BELIEVE that this is possible-that a man can just WALK RIGHT UP to a woman who is a TOTAL STRANGER and go from being ZERO with her to being someone she CRAVES in just MOMENTS--I WOULD NOT HAVE BELIEVED THIS IS POSSIBLE FOR A MAN TO LEARN. 

But now that I have truly been WITNESSING this for over TWENTY YEARS, with ALL KINDS OF MEN, week after week after week after week YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT, I absolutely CAN PROMISE YOU THAT THIS IS A SKILL THAT YOU CAN LEARN.

And what makes this ESPECIALLY powerful is that USUALLY in life, it takes YEARS to learn something new-but with ME as your coach, it won't take years-it only will take TWO DAYS. 

For most skills in life, the massive time investment is what makes it IMPOSSIBLE for most men to learn all the amazing things out there that can be learned. Most guys are just too busy doing what they need to do to SURVIVE all week long, all year long, all LIFE long.


I have spent the YEARS learning not only how to DO it myself, but how to INSTILL THESE SKILLS INTO OTHER MEN in just TWO DAYS. I have DISTILLED the absolute BEST OF THE BEST of what I have learned, and the BEST OF THE BEST ways of TEACHING these skills to you, so that you actually GET the skills you need in just TWO DAYS.

You will learn how to SOLVE all those issues that HOLD back other guys from success-from how to approach her in a way that feels NORMAL and NATURAL for her, to how to KEEP the conversation not just going, but going in a way that keeps building more and more attraction AND rapport simultaneously, to how to get over your OWN fears, and much, much more.  

Having me there beside you makes a MASSIVE difference. My years of experience allow me to PINPOINT exactly where you are going "off track" in the pick-up, and to PINPOINT exactly what you need to do to get back "on track" so the pick-up goes exactly how you want it to. 

It is asking for just TWO DAYS.

Two days that will CHANGE your ENTIRE LIFE. 


Over the years, thousands of men from around the world have taken this special bootcamp. Most of these men prefer to keep their privacy, but I can assure you one thing-there is a very magical moment for each one of these men during bootcamp, where they make that transition from their previous lives into being the men that can actually go out, on any given day, and get themselves women that they previously thought were IMPOSSIBLE. 

This moment is often overwhelming. It is a change on the most primal level of what it means to experience life as a man. It will be a moment you never forget-it will be the moment your new life began. 

To sign up for bootcamp or to learn more details about it, go here:

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Till next time,

Michael Marks

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Harvey Weinstein Scandal And Political Correctness

Today I have an important video for you that is all about the Harvey Weinstein scandal and political correctness. I feel it's important to discuss, because once again we are getting bombarded by another story about "evil men", and when good men only hear about how evil men are, it causes good men to become weak, apologetic, and submissive to women.

This DESTROYS their ability to attract women, so it's important to see the BIG PICTURE here. Also, in this video, I show you how much HYPOCRISY has gone on regarding the very people who are now lambasting him, and I ALSO show you how political correctness makes a MOCKERY of those people who CHERISH fidelity and who cherish the family unit. 

It's all here:

To learn how to attract great women in a politically correct world, download my book called Politically Incorrect Pick-Up right NOW at:

And to actually pick up women LIVE with me as your PERSONAL coach right beside you in REAL TIME, go here immediately to learn more about my BOOTCAMP program:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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