Thursday, July 20, 2017

Perspective Taking & 'State Vs. Calibration' For Attracting Women

There is this huge misunderstanding among men who study attraction techniques or "PUA" tactics for attracting women, and it boils down to this question:

"What's more important for attracting women-being in the right STATE OF MIND, or being able to CALIBRATE properly?"

State of mind refers to being in that state where you are confident, optimistic, sexual, dominant, flirty, playful, relaxed-all that good stuff!

Calibration refers to being able to use all the various techniques of attraction and connection properly-in the right amounts, at the right time.  So for example, calibration would include playfully teasing a woman when you first approach her, but not right in middle of you and her making love!

I give this obvious example to make my point clear, however calibration refers to far more nuanced and subtle things as well. It means knowing when a woman is actually testing you, and when she is just truly being playful and funny.  It means knowing exactly when to stop playfully teasing and progress the interaction forward. It means knowing when you've screwed up and apologizing. It means knowing when to kiss, and when to pull back to create more sexual tension. It means all this and so much, much, MUCH more.

But the answer to what is more important all depends on the INDIVIDUAL.

Some men are NATURALLY great at calibrating; they have amazing social skills with ALL human beings, but when it comes to approaching women out of the blue, or even women in general who they want to attract, there is fear, anxiety, insecurity that FREEZES them up.

And because of THAT, they can't access their mental processors for CALIBRATING.  Their brains are too busy being FROZEN because they have gone into FIGHT/FLIGHT/FREEZE as a result of the AMYGDALA in the brain being triggered by stress.  The amygdala SHUTS down all the thinking and turns on the biology to prepare you for DANGER.  As if a tiger is about to jump at you.  And your brain doesn't think then-it just causes your body to react physically and your mind emotionally-and not in a productive way.

So for a guy like that, it's ALL about STATE OF MIND.  If he can get into the right state of mind again, then he can naturally access his CALIBRATION SKILLS if he already has them.

For HIM, it is also true that calibration skills are SUPER IMPORTANT, but since he already has them, he doesn't have to worry-HE has to work on his STATE OF MIND.

But for other men, they may be totally OBLIVIOUS to fear or anxiety or giving a damn about what anyone thinks at all, to a point that this is actually a FAULT. They may be in a GREAT state of mind, but they lack the ability to truly engage in maximum PERSPECTIVE TAKING, and CALIBRATION requires MASTERING the skill of PERSPECTIVE TAKING!

Perspective taking means you can truly feel and sense what it is like to be ANOTHER person. So if you want to calibrate properly, you must be able to SENSE what it feels like for HER to be on the RECEIVING end of whatever you are saying and doing with her. This is a SKILL.

In fact, calibration is IMPOSSIBLE without highly developed PERSPECTIVE TAKING skills.

And what is so funny is that 99% of the guys who talk about being ALPHA completely UNDERESTIMATE the absolutely MASSIVE ROLE of perspective taking.

They think that being ALPHA means NOT caring what SHE is thinking and feeling, when in reality this stuff is EVERYTHING! They mistake the idea of "not seeking approval" with truly not CARING or FEELING what she is feeling or thinking. 

How can you know if you are teasing too much and it's time to go into deeper rapport, if you can't actually FEEL and UNDERSTAND the interaction from HER perspective? After all, you aren't calibrating for yourself, you are calibrating to get HER!

It's also ironic how this stuff is SO important, and yet you can see how LITTLE most of the so called "experts" really know about perspective taking, and even worse, how little they actually INTUITIVELY AND EMOTIONALLY feel perspective taking, because they FILM WOMEN WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION and put them up on the internet!!!!  Even the greatest ignoramus in the world could see that this is something that women would feel BAD about, but there is so horrifyingly LITTLE perspective taking ability or feeling in these guys that they go right ahead and do it anyway.

There is so much out there about being ALPHA that actually is NOT true. The TRUE alpha GETS the woman, and since perspective taking and the ability to truly FEEL what she is feeling, and the ability to feel and understand her perspective is INTEGRAL to your success in getting the woman, PERSPECTIVE TAKING is therefore an absolutely FUNDAMENTAL part of being a successful ALPHA-MALE.

And it's also important to understand how perspective taking and calibration go hand-in-hand. For example, if you are in a CONFIDENT state of mind, then you will not negatively DISTORT the things a woman says and does. This means you will be better at perspective taking accurately, and allow you to CALIBRATE your response perfectly. 

In my video, I give the example of a mind-blowing woman who was at my place, and she mentioned how my TV is from the 1960s. If I was in a bad state of mind, a weak state of mind, an insecure state of mind, I would have felt threatened, insulted, or challenged, and I would have thought I had to "strike back" to get her down to size and off her pedestal. That would have RUINED the entire vibe and DESTROYED the attraction.

But the fact is, being in a great state of mind helped me understand she was being PLAYFUL. Not only could I tell from her tonality, but also because she HERSELF was calibrating her humor very INTELLIGENTLY.

The reason I say this is because one of the great ways to CALIBRATE a playful tease is to make sure that the thing you are saying cannot be interpreted seriously by anyone with common sense. So the fact is, there is NO REALISTIC WAY that she ACTUALLY thought the TV was from the 60s and that it was 57 years old! 

That is PROOF she didn't REALLY mean it.  (Notice that SHE was calibrating properly.)

And of course, even if she did mean it, it really doesn't matter much one way or another, as far as what the INTELLIGENT response should be, right?

So I did what I FELT like doing, based on my state of mind AND my understanding of the situation-I thought it was FUNNY, so I LAUGHED.  It was the perfect response, and it allowed us both to laugh and move AHEAD, as neither one of us had TV in mind.

And we never ended up watching TV that night ;)

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Michael Marks

Monday, July 17, 2017

Why Women Need Masculine Men

with the skills to create a DEEP LEVEL
CONNECTION, is what attracts a woman
and turns her into a fantastic girlfriend who
will be loyal to you to the ultimate level.

Since 2003, I have been focused on
helping men RECLAIM the power
of being a MAN.

In fact, in my first book, "The Dating Wizard:
Secrets to Success With Women", the term
"THE MAN" appears tons of times. 

It's the ESSENCE, if you will, of the book. 

What do I mean by “THE MAN”?

I mean being everything that a man is
NATURALLY, before he got brainwashed
by too much modern culture over the past
several decades.

Before then, man's natural sense of masculinity
was pretty much the same since the BEGINNING
of TIME.

Yes, it's nice we have become more
civilized and moved out of the caves,
but that doesn't mean that there aren't
certain PRIMAL elements of masculinity

Pretending that we aren't men only serves
to WEAKEN a woman's attraction to us.

In order for a woman to feel FEMININE and to
feel attracted, then on the deepest, most primal level
she must sense that you are "the yin" to her "yang",

This is polarity working in your favor.
The more masculine you are, the more feminine she feels.

She must sense MASCULINITY in you in a RAW
visceral sense.

This is why it’s so important in our MODERN
culture to NOT be swayed by media or images
or politically correct mentalities that tell men
that men and women are THE SAME.

Women are INDEED worth EVERY BIT

And they deserve every last iota of respect
that any man does.

But men and women are not “IDENTICAL” IN THE SENSE

In fact, a society that does not SEPARATE
the concepts of MASCULINITY AND
FEMININITY actually ROBS both men
AND women of the joy of sexuality.

Now, it's hard to argue with the entire
HUMAN HISTORY backing up these

Everything has changed in the past few
decades. Before that, however, and in
fact since the beginning of RECORDED
HUMAN HISTORY, the concepts of
masculinity and femininity were clearly
defined in every culture.

It's ALWAYS been important to separate
and define the MASCULINE vs. the FEMININE.

In the past, this was always clear.

to preach masculinity.  Instead you must be
one of the few men who know the SECRET
of how important it is to actually BE masculine
even though we keep being told as men to
REPRESS our masculinity.

You must KNOW it and PRACTICE it, even
in the face of politically correct hogwash that
says men and women should act exactly the

Women expect a man to know that modern
politically correct talk about men and women
behaving identically is HOGWASH.

Women don't want you to act the same as them!!

And they don't want to have to TEACH a man
that he needs to be more masculine.

If a man doesn't understand that a woman wants
her man to be masculine, she won't TEACH the
guy; she'll just avoid him in any sexual sense.

More than ever, men and women are ALLOWED
to be with each other, however at the same time
there is LESS attraction than ever!  The same
forces that say men and women are the same
and TECHNICALLY allow men and women
to be with each other, are also the forces that
DILUTE the sexual fire of desire between men
and women.

Here are some ways that men and women are
blurring the distinctions between the genders:

Women these days are trying to be men in terms
of trying to act "like one of the boys" sexually.
Most men tend to encourage this, thinking this is
fun or cool, not realizing this is destructive.

Many men are also trying to act like women,
thinking that this shows "sensitivity and niceness".

And many men are trying to attract women by
being "politically correct" and non-sexual.

The distinctions between men and women's
roles has become blurred, and it's not helping
men or women at all.

It's the CONTRAST between male and female
that creates the SEXUAL FIRE OF DESIRE
between men and women.

If men and women were TOO SIMILAR,
there would be NO EROTIC FIRE.

This is ALSO what I mean about being

The more YOU are THE MAN, the more
a woman feels like she is A WOMAN.

And trust me, one of the finest sexual compliments
you can ever get from a woman is “you made me
feel like a woman” or “you brought out the woman
in me”.

When a woman IS feeling ATTRACTED
to a man, she becomes like a little girl around
that guy, until she gets in bed, of course, and
then she becomes a WOMAN.

And there is no way in HELL that any
woman is going to feel THAT when a
guy acts like he is exactly like her,
as if he is another woman, just happening
to have a male organ on him.

In fact, that’s the whole IDEA of "Clark
Kent", is that his BEHAVIOR is so
NOT "THE MAN" in the movies, that
in real life this kind of NON-MASCULINE
behavior makes the part of a woman’s
brain that is responsible for PRIMAL
URGES, to “FORGET” that he is a man.

So she feels nothing sexual for "Clark Kent".

in being a MAN around a woman who is FEMININE,
and there is an instinctive primal pleasure for a woman
to be around a man who is MASCULINE.

All else is hogwash!

So when I say BE THE MAN, I mean
be MASCULINE in every way.

It should show in your authority and tonality
when you open up the conversation with her.

It should show in your decisiveness,
in your leading the interaction, and
it should even show in your sense
of humor.

It should even show in your style of
clothing and accessories.

And it should show in the way you get
"physically intimate" with her. This doesn't
mean that you have to be an "animal" all the
time, and there is a time for being tender
with her in bed, but DEFINITELY you want
to be outgoing and primal in bed with her
as well.

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Michael Marks 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Persistence vs. Neediness In Attracting Women

There's a lot of misunderstanding about
the role of PERSISTENCE when it comes
to attracting a woman.

We have all heard about how persistence
is such an important thing in life for
success, and this is true, but when it
comes to attracting a woman, most guys
get this all wrong.


Persistence does NOT mean to keep on
chasing some woman who shows no signs
of interest.

In fact, so often, when guys get caught up on
ONE woman, this is very often the OPPOSITE
of persistence, because they completely avoid

They just pour all their energy into this ONE 
woman who often is simply a woman that they
met through some convenient situation, like
somebody at work, or some woman who is 
a clerk or waitress at their local store or 
restaurant, etc.

Not only is this not the right kind of
persistence, but it actually ends up
making a guy think that this one woman
is much more valuable and much more
of a necessity for his life than he thinks,
because the mind plays tricks on us like this.

Part of it is the reverse rationalization,
that says, "Well, if I put so much energy
into this one woman, it must be a sign
that she is "the one"" etc, etc.

Plus, the other "Jedi mind-trick" going on
is that anything we do a lot of, we tend
to think is the right thing, and we even
go so far as to COMPLETELY warp all
evidence to the contrary as somehow
still being evidence that, 'YES SHE IS

Part of it is also the 'EASY' element,
because it's easier to just NOT go out
and approach other women, and instead
just fantasize about how cool it would
be to get this woman that works at the
local store/restaurant/school etc, etc,

The irony about all this, is that when
a guy DOES persist in the RIGHT way,
with other women, he often suddenly
hears from the "special" one, and
of course at that point he now
realizes he actually has no idea
if she's 'special' or not because
it was all his own neediness that
was distorting her into something
that doesn't even exist.

And, since he now has far more self-esteem,
he isn't particularly attracted to a woman
that didn't appreciate him then.

So, NOW, at that point, he is ready to truly
appreciate what a REAL 'great girl' is.

So let's get to it- what effective persistence really is.


So let me get to what is the GOOD kind of persistence:

This is when you approach a woman, and she
is NOT suddenly showing you smiles and she
is not seeming so warm to you.

I'm not talking about her being RUDE.
There's no excuse for being NASTY.

I'm just saying if she is not really "into" your
approach in the first few moments.

THIS is where you must be PERSISTENT.

I have seen MANY of these kinds of situations
turn into wonderful relationships in real life, not
just in bootcamps, but also in my actual experiences
dating and approaching women.

A woman is not always going to JUMP UP
IN HAPPINESS at the first moment of your
approach, especially if this is not in a club
or some other party atmosphere.

So what will happen is a guy will say something
to her, she will say something back, but not much,
and the guy will instinctively have this, "GET OUT
PISSED OFF!" feeling internally.

Or, a guy might feel that awkward feeling of:


Well, HERE is where I say, "PERSIST!"

DO NOT EJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many, many reasons why a woman
might not be showing unbridled enthusiasm.

She might simply be showing caution, she
has no clue who you are yet. So she needs
more time to "feel you out" and see what
kind of vibes you are giving off.

She might simply be feeling a need to
show she is not easy, because after all,
would YOU want a woman who IS easy?

Would YOU want a woman who gives her number
out to EVERY guy that approaches her?

Plus, it's also possible that your conversation
opener wasn't so great, and didn't get her
particularly intrigued or laughing or relaxed
in some other way, but that does NOT mean
this interaction is OVER, it does NOT MEAN
that you can't turn this into something
GREAT still.

ALSO, I want to point out here a reminder that
persistence ALSO includes BEYOND the initial
first approach, which is something I teach the
"how to" of in detail in my programs and even
included a YouTube video on:


Now, here's the next part about the KIND
of persistence you need in these situations.

You need to persist being in the right state
of MIND.

And I don't mean some kind of BATTLE state
of mind, where you are saying to yourself,

You want to persist in having that combo
of states of being upbeat, dominant, and
still chilled out, EVEN IF SHE IS NOT
DOING "happy cartwheels" in response
to your initial approach.

If you start to give up your good state,
if you start to allow yourself to fall
into a freaked out state, or an angry
state, or a lethargic state, guess what?


So she will ALSO start to become nervous
if you are nervous. If you seem pissed
off, she may become pissed off.

And the clincher to all this, is that
most guys typically go into the WORST
states of mind when they go to approach
a woman, AND the fact that the woman
is not giving them the full approval
right away is only feeding MORE
fuel for the guy's negative emotions,
and causes him to GIVE UP and give
IN to those negative emotions, which
just fuels HER negative emotions!

This is why you must really have a 
you go UP to a woman to approach her.

That TANK has to last LONG ENOUGH to

And YES, so often, if you just PERSIST
for those few MINUTES, she will indeed
MELT and fall for you.

So THAT'S a great way to persist, because
those FIVE MINUTES of persistence can lead
to weeks, months, and YEARS of great times
as she becomes your girlfriend.

Compare the power of THAT persistence
to the ridiculous WEEKS, MONTHS, AND
SOMETIMES YEARS that a guy spends
"persisting" for ONE woman.

A woman does NOT think you are desperate
for persisting in that INITIAL approach,
if you do it RIGHT.

But a woman DOES think a guy is desperate
if he keeps on PERSISTING for the same
woman for years. And of course usually
when a guy is doing this "years of
persistence" strategy, he is also doing
all the WRONG things as well, like trying
to show her what a great guy he is by
doing favors for her, etc, etc.


Here's ANOTHER point about persistence
in that initial interaction:

A woman often gets more turned ON when
she is hard to get, and the guy KNOWS how
to get around her hard to get tactics.

It’s like the mating dance has begun, and
she requires a certain sequence of events
to happen.

Which is not to say that you are supposed
to be all predictable in everything you do,
but there is a DEFINITE pattern to the
mating ritual, for sure.

And for related reasons, it’s important that
YOU make the pattern happen, because
if SHE feels that SHE has to make it happen, 
then you are ALREADY OUT OF THE
is part of what she has been conditioned to 
believe is YOUR sexual role.

So although women very often ARE receptive
at the first moment of the approach, even
if they aren’t, it’s not time to pack
your bags and go.

You have to have persistence while at the
same time not conveying the slightest ounce
of neediness or 'cluelessness'.

You have to still maintain the playful vibe, because


The other kind of persistence that is powerful
is the persistence in LEARNING these skills.

There's absolutely no question about it, persistence 
in learning and practicing these skills WORKS.

This is one area where taking a live BOOTCAMP
with me is so powerful, because you will get
1-To-1 PERSONAL instruction in the absolute
most "hands-on" environment on real women,
again and again and again, we will persist
like MAD over the course of the bootcamp
until you GET these skills INGRAINED.

You're getting this instruction directly
from me, so you get the benefit of all
those years of experience which will
save YOU precious TIME.

And your 'persistence' will be used in
the most EFFICIENT manner, so that you
are not just spinning your wheels, but
actually IMPROVING all the time and
actually GETTING the women attracted.

Live training allows me to speed UP
your results, because I am right there
at all times making sure you to KEEP
you on track, and every time you start
to veer off course, I will make sure
you STOP doing that, until you develop
the INSTINCTS to do it RIGHT without
even THINKING about it.

Your "instincts" for approaching women
will be honed to excellence so that
you are READY, a trained "Jedi" for
all future situations where you see
women you'd like to meet.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Alpha Males And Good Girls

A wise alpha male knows there's nothing more powerful for a man than being with an amazing good girl. 

And yet, like no time before in history, good girls today are PRECIOUS and few. The destruction of values and morals that have stood the test of time for thousands of years is happening right before our eyes. Forces such as third-wave feminism and political correctness are on the ASSAULT against the foundations of our civilization.

"Good girls" are EVERYTHING when it comes to motivating a man to be his best. It's simple, really.  There is no greater HIGH in this world than that which comes from women-it hits men on every emotional level. It's chemical-the release of DOPAMINE is triggered, which makes you feel EXCITED and ELATED. And the release of OTHER important chemicals as well, which make you feel CALM, are triggered.

So it's no wonder that men will DIVE into BATTLE, they will WORK their fingers to the BONE, they will climb the highest MOUNTAIN, in order to win the interest of women.

The PROBLEM is when this drive is not HARNESSED intelligently. The wrong women will drive a man to jump off a building, or to destroy himself in a million other ways emotionally, financially, physically, or spiritually.

But the RIGHT woman will use her power to make a man the BEST he can be.

Let me give you an example. You know the BILLION DOLLAR empires more familiar to audiences as the SUPER HERO films? Well it would not EXIST today if it were not for a great woman, who actually just passed away last week.

Stan Lee, the man who co-created so MANY absolutely ICONIC super heroes such as SPIDER-MAN, X-MEN, HULK, AVENGERS, and FANTASTIC FOUR was at one time a FAILING comic book writer who was about to QUIT comic writing after suffering from depression due to his career FAILURE.

But do you know what his wife, Joan, told him? "Before you quit why don’t you write one comic you are proud of?" It was after this he wrote his FIRST massively successful comic, “The Fantastic Four.” And the rest, as they say, is history.

When a man has the support of a great woman he is attracted to, he has NO FEAR of anything else.  There is no such thing as failure, because he ALREADY HAS what he REALLY needs to survive and thrive emotionally, so his mind is FREE to truly be RESOURCEFUL instead of being bogged down by fear. 

Fear SHUTS DOWN your mind's ability to be at its BEST. This has been PROVEN.

And not only does the right woman liberate you from the fear of failure, but she also motivates you to want to succeed because success is what she truly WANTS for you.

And the story I shared with you today is not an isolated one. If you do the research, you will see how just about EVERY man of accomplishment out there was motivated by the right woman.

This is why I have made sure to focus my work on helping men attract GOOD GIRLS who are the "total package".

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Michael Marks

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A FOOLPROOF Way To Pick-Up Women Anywhere, Anytime!

I want to make pick-up and attracting women as EASY as possible for you.  And as Einstein said, if you can't explain something to a six year old, than you don't know it yourself. So, in that vein, I am going to teach you today a UNIVERSAL solution for attracting women, anywhere, anytime, and I'm going to make it as SIMPLE and easy-to-use as possible.

Are you ready? Here we go:

1. Bust on her, and as she reacts with mild disbelief, bust on her some MORE.
2. Introduce yourself.
3. Make "small talk".

There are very DEEP and COMPLEX reasons for WHY this all works, and understanding that stuff will help you with women as well, but if you are in the dark and need to get RESULTS right NOW, what you have just learned is INFINITELY VALUABLE.

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Michael Marks

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The IRONY Behind "How To Know If A Woman Is Attracted"

Millions of men around the world are focused on "how to know if a woman is attracted" or not, and the truth of the matter is that the answer to this question is very simple.

The simple and honest answer is that if a woman is spending time around you, and smiling a lot at you, and making herself available to you, and being particularly complimentary, and if you are out with her and she finds reasons to stay out longer with you, THESE are the kinds of things that let you know she is attracted and interested in you.

But if you look around the internet, you will see that this question, when addressed by so called PUAs and "attraction experts" becomes something that gets artificially turned into ASTRO-PHYSICS in terms of making it complicated.

Whether it is focusing on the angle of her head, the way she is crossing her legs, the angle she adjusts her hair to while talking to you, the way she is licking her lips, and on and on and on AD INFINITUM-it is just making the matter CONFUSING instead of making it SIMPLE, which it IS-this part is SIMPLE.

Now I could have joined the ranks of these folks who make it seem way more complicated and who CONFUSE men by OBFUSCATING the truth. But I didn't.

Do you know why they do this stuff?
Why they try to confuse you?

So that you think they are SO SMART, so much smarter than you, to make you think that EVERY aspect of dating is impossible without them, so that you will refer to them and think even more highly of them.

But here's the thing: I already KNOW which aspects of attraction and dating really ARE complicated and require more special practice and which parts are simple. There is NO NEED to over-complicate things that don't NEED to be complicated.

It boils down to business versus focusing on actually helping people.
The two can go hand-in-hand, but they often do NOT.

Since day ONE, over 14 years ago, I have been quietly helping thousands of men around the world, NOT on confusing men with "advice" that actually screws men up. 


There is something even MORE messed up about being so obsessed on "the signals" a woman is giving you to show she is attracted, and that is that it reflects INSECURITY, and it FEEDS your insecurity.

In other words, if you don't think you can attract a woman, you will be VERY OBSESSED on making sure you find the women who are giving you strong signals, before you even do ANYTHING with any of them.

You will want to look for SIGNALS of interest rather than being focused on PROACTIVELY triggering that attraction.

And this is the WRONG HEAD SPACE to be in when it comes to attracting women.

It leads to being the kind of guy who walks into a room where there are women, and just hoping to get SIGNALS from women, so that he can avoid all possible risk to his ego by actually gathering up the courage to MAKE the approach and do the best he can.

And women find that attitude UNATTRACTIVE.

It's SO much better to "FLIP THE SCRIPT", and instead of being focused on whether she likes you, to focus on BEING THE CONFIDENT, CHARISMATIC man that will IGNITE her attraction to you.

Women WANT the proactive, confident man who MAKES things happen instead of being the kind of man who is so insecure he can only go where everything is a sure thing and there is zero courage required.

In my own life, and in my own bootcamps, where guys end up getting the best women, the  BEST women NEVER make it easy at ALL! If my students were so obsessed with signals of interest from the beginning, they would NEVER endure through the pick-up to the point where she turns from just being NEUTRAL to actually being ATTRACTED.

This is the FUN of it, and it makes it so much more exciting for BOTH you and the woman because you feel the thrill of the chase, and she feels the thrill of giving herself  to a real man who lets NOTHING stand in his way. 

If these guys were OVER-ANALYZING trivial things like the angle of her hair as she flips it back, they would be too deep into the INSECURE mind-set to be able to UNLEASH the attractive side of their personality and just let it all FLOW out.

You can't be in TWO opposite mindsets at once. If you are too focused on worrying about whether she is attracted or not, you are NOT in the mindset of being FREE and UNREPRESSED and NOT WORRIED about how much she likes what you are doing or not.

So if you are too busy trying to see if she is attracted, you simply CAN'T free yourself to be YOU in the best sense of that word, and attracting women REQUIRES that you actually feel FREE OF THE REPRESSIVE FORCES of insecurity, shame, political correctness, etc.

Do you see how MASSIVE my point is here? The very obsession with "signals" from her is what SCREWS YOU UP!!!!

But meanwhile, do these dating coaches, PUAs, and other so called experts talk about this?

They don't, because they FEED off of insecurity and need to FUEL insecurity; they get half a million HITS on YouTube with videos on this topic giving screwed up advice on "how to know if a woman is attracted or not".

And I've been in this field since day ONE. All that time, never engaging in b.s.

The men who have taken my programs have given video testimonials which you can find on my site at:

So, from now ON, STOP being obsessed with SIGNALS from women, and instead focus on LIBERATING YOURSELF from being ENSLAVED to that insecurity.

Stop focusing on what OTHERS think, even from what SHE thinks! The irony is that THIS is what will attract her INFINITELY more.

You will notice an IMMEDIATE improvement in your results with attracting women.

And as powerful as what you have just seen is, it's just the TIP of the ICEBERG of what you will learn for success with women from my programs.

That is not HYPERBOLE. My work is DECADES ahead of the competition, for the simple reason I've been focusing on what WORKS to attract women instead of focusing on marketing gimmicks.

In the end, it's about the woman in your arms, the women you meet that make you feel better than anything on Earth.  It's your decision, and it's in your hands right now.

Make sure you have EVERY program on success with women that I've created.  They are at:

Till next time,

Michael Marks

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